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 I send you the paragraph you asked for, and am glad to be able to contribute even so small an item to the Life of your Saint..

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 I am glad to be able to send you a few of the interesting particu­lars which I am continually receiving from Patagonia and the other numerous Missions already opened in South America, and to place before you at the same time a few sketches of fresh enterprises, which the urgent wants of this distant people invite us to undertake as soon as possible..


 [717] and by the native inhabitants themselves, to send out fresh and mot inconsiderable reinforcements of men and money..


 Wherefore I make a fresh appeal to your charity; harken to the Missioner's voice and the imploring cry which arises from hundreds of thousands of abandoned wretches in those far distant regions! Once more I implore our Benefactors to render us practicable this new expedition by assisting us in especial manner with their fervent prayers and with whatever offering they can send us, either in linen or linen-garments, in cloth or clothing, in church furniture or sacred vessels, or better still in money with which to defray the expenses of travelling and transport of luggage both by land and sea, - in short with whatever alms their piety suggests and their condition permits..


 Charitable Benefactors of our Missions are requested to send their Offerings directly to Rev. John Bosco in via Cottolengo, N. 32, Turin, Italy..


 It has occurred to me that you would be able to find us a priest for this purpose; or even to send us, for a time at least, a member of your community..

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